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Spring is here, pull out your instruments and get them in gear for your favorite festivals!  
Time for new strings, straps, and cases!!!

New Arrival!!!
Gold Tone MicroBass
(can also be described as a small mouth bass with a huge bark)

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We pride ourselves in our large selection of Kay & Engelhardt Basses.

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Return Policy:  We do accept returns, item need to be unused and in original packaging. We must receive back a resalable item. Thank you so much for shopping with us. 

"I recently changed from steel bass strings to a Jazz Set of Innovation Bass Strings. These strings are just wonderful. Besides being much easier on my fingers, my old Kay has a much warmer and rounder tone. My bandmates noticed the change immediately. Recently two separate Nashville recording engineers have commented about the enhanced sound quality of my bass. Special thanks Jerry and Innovation."

Fretwell Bass and Acoustic Instruments is
the USA Distributor for Innovation Strings.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Fretwell Bass is the product of a life-long love of music and the search for a better sounding bass. My wife, Mary Jane, is my greatest support and partner. We live in Fishersville, Virginia, a small community in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, our shop is located in the beautiful downtown Staunton, Va. Bluegrass music has always been strong in our area and we are blessed with a large group of very talented musician friends. Hardly a week goes by that we can't be found in a jam session with these wonderful friends and musicians, we have been streaming our jam sessions for those who would like to enjoy from home.

We buy, sell, trade and repair upright basses. We specialize in Engelhardt and Kay Basses, we presently have basses in stock from the 1940's to present along with a variety of other makes and models which can be found in our Basses for Sale section. You will also find a large assortment of accessories such as strings, stands, bridges, nuts, saddles, etc. My personal favorite of these is the bass cart or as I call it the "wifesaver". It is something that I use regularly at festivals and would recommend to everyone. We are also the USA Distributors for Innovation Strings.  

If you haven't figured it out by reading about me, I play bass with a bluegrass group named 100 Proof. This group has been together on and off since the early 80's. I also play with "Gabby Haze" and with "The Last Minute Band"

Please feel free to call or email us any time. We love to talk bass and all advice is free and most probably worth what you pay for it. My commitment is that I will not sell a bass that I would not be comfortable playing myself.

Thanks again for visiting our site.

Jerry and Mary Jane
Fretwell Bass